Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mahe Day 3

Monday 11th April

We were up early this morning as we planned to walk a track through the National Park here on the island and as it gets very hot very quickly here we thought an early start would be a good idea. We drove along the coast road admiring the stunning scenery en route and basically drove until the road ran out! We asked a local postie for directions to the walking path and made our way along the uneven track 

through jungle where we spotted the Golden Orb spider! 

We continued walking and did get to see some great views of the surrounding countryside and out to sea 

but already the humidity was becoming an issue so we decided after about 30 mins that we would retrace our steps and head to the beach! 

At Beau Vallon beach we strolled along the footpath adjacent to the beach and saw local traders selling coconuts and fruits. 

At the end of the path we stopped a while on the beach before making our way along the beach in the opposite direction before taking a dip in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean! 

We had a fish curry and local beer at the Boathouse in the town and spent the afternoon lazing on the beach before the tide forced us off!! Lovely sunbirds in the trees.

Back at the apartment we packed ready for our early departure in the morning.

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