Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mahe - Day 2

Sunday 10th April

After another decent nights sleep we breakfasted and enjoyed our coffee on the balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean. We also sampled the fruits left by our kind host which included passion fruit and soursop a creamy sweet fruit.

After breakfast we set out towards Victoria and then onto la Misere, the route across the mountain we took yesterday but in reverse and in foul weather! It was significantly better today in the sunshine. 

Several viewpoints gave us panoramic views to the man made island of Eden island and beyond. 

We continued the climb through lush jungle and arrived at Grande Anse the most beautiful beach we have seen thus far (and they have all been pretty stunning). 

We stopped a while at Grande Anse and then after a walk along the beach we continued our journey along the West coast until we stopped for refreshments at Del Place a lovely spot at Port Glaud. We had the most delicious coconut tart with coconut ice cream and a cup of tea overlooking stunning scenery. 

The weather threatened to turn wet and whilst there were a couple of downpours they cleared as quickly as they came so it did not spoil our day. After our refreshment stop we continued along to Port Launey where we found a pretty cove. 

After a wander along the cove we then made our way along the Sans Soucis route which is one of the most spectacular drives on Mahe. We drove through the jungle clad hills and stopped off at a couple of stunning viewpoints including the ruins of an old school set up by the British for children of ex slaves. The views were stunning.

 We also saw the long tailed white tropic birds  and some pretty doves and verdant tea plantations.
On the return journey we stopped off at a beach near to our place and spent a pleasant couple of hours in the warm sea and reading on the soft powdery sand.

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