Friday, March 25, 2016

Staying with friends

Sunday 20/03/16

Today we left Galle fort for our friends home in the hills. They own a beautiful boutique B & B and we planned to stay the night with Andrew (a trained chef) cooking dinner for us! The place was as nice as we had expected and after catching up with our friends we spent the afternoon at the pool reading and relaxing. 

As the house is in the hillside and the gardens are part jungle there were lots of bird visitors to the pool and we saw some lovely ones including kingfishers and some brightly coloured woodpeckers.

Dinner was delicious and was very French so made for a nice change. We enjoyed white and red wines with our meal. Appetisers were spicy rice crackers and garlic hummus, stater was chilled tomato and garlic soup, main was homemade quiche with salad leaves and mushrooms dressed in alioli, there was a cheese course and dessert was a scrummy strawberry concoction! Suffice to say we were stuffed by the end of the evening but very grateful for the effort Andrew had made on our behalf.

During the course of the evening we had a surprise when a MASSIVE spider ran through the outside dining area!! We managed to steer it away from our bedroom so we could sleep without the worry that it might join us!!

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