Friday, March 25, 2016

"Yartha" by Jetwing

Tuesday 22/03/16

Another leisurely start to the day as we were unable to check in on the houseboat until 2pm. We spent the morning catching up with admin and blog updates before taking a tuk tuk to the Bentota river and our overnight accommodation. 

The houseboat was amazing with two bedrooms, an upper  deck, plenty of room on the main deck for relaxing, a dining area and a small lounge. Our room had a full size bathroom and a private balcony. 

The houseboat is based on the same design as the Kerala boats in India and is made of hardwood, bamboo and bamboo leaves with hessian internal walls complete with A/C and a full kitchen. There were also a team of staff which included a Captain, Butler, Chef and houseboy! Needless to say we were delighted with this gem of a find.

We spent the after relaxing on the upper deck as there was a nice breeze and the views were lovely. In the evening we had a typical Sri Lankan dinner of rice and 5 curries. 

The staff were lovely and very helpful. We had a great nights sleep as it was so peaceful and comfy in our room.

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