Sunday, February 22, 2015

Melaka - Day 2

After a good nights sleep we headed out to find breakfast and came across a cafe which claimed to sell coffee from 13 states in Malaysia! Lots of Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet recommendations were outside and inside it was quite a quirky place. The aroma of the freshly brewed coffees was enough to get us in the door and our coffee (Johor - medium strength), hit the spot.

The food menu had lots of dishes which were more suited to lunch so we went for a simply jam amd toast......with Kaya butter.....turns out Kaya is like a jam and the butter came as a lump of spread between two slices of half toasted white bread! Not the best breakfast meal we have ever had but it served a purpose.

After our brekkie we explored a little along the lanes and small streets eventually finding ourselves at the Baba-Nyonya Museum. We had planned to visit here to find out more about the local history of the Perankhan people's and so we took the guided tour which was very informative telling us all about the Chinese-Malay people, their history and culture and taking us through the museum which is infact a restored Perankhan home.

Later and back at our room we were relaxing on the balcony taking in the view when we spied what looked like a crocodile!!! Turns out it was a Water Monitor and was at least 4 foot in length!!

For supper, We went next door to a small cafe/bistro where we had a table outside on the banks of the river. We were treated to a delicious meal of vegetarian egg fried rice and vegetarian Mee Goreng, both delicious and both washed down with some chilled Tiger beers!

Fully replete we decided to walk off our supper by going down to the harbour where boats were offering cruises up and back along the Melaka. We decided to go and enjoyed seeing the riverside houses and shops illuminated and from the perspective of being on the water.

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