Friday, February 20, 2015

Langkawi island tour

We hired a car for the day with a view to touring the island. As it turned out we only managed half of the island and it would be fair to say that we were underwhelmed. Initially we headed to the cable car and sky walk attractions planning to take the ride up the mountain and then walk along the famous sky walk for commanding views of the island. However, it was a very hazy day and we figured that the views would not be the best. The cable car ride is set within a complex which seemed a little like a theme park to us and,that kind of thing really doesn't do anything for us so we continued on our journey. We passed a lovely beach at Pantai Kok but didn't stop as we had heard great things about the beach at Tanjung Rhu and also a fish and chip restaurant there with views of the sea and limestone outcrops. We passed the pretty harbour and drove through some lovely jungle covered hills planning to stop at Datai Bay in the north of the island but we were unable to get to the bay as we found out that this is an exclusive retreat for the rich and famous. We were a tad disappointed but still had high expectations of Tanjung Rhu. We drove through more jungle scenery along relatively quiet roads, we saw a few macaques and also spotted some pretty tropical birds. At the top end of the island is where we knew we would find Tanjung Rhu and when we arrived there we were horrified to see a cement works making for a massive blot on the landscape! We had not expected the factory and it was a real sorry sight to see. 

We found the fish and chip place and, not for the first time that day we were disappointed. The food was below par and one of the worst meals we have had since arriving in Malaysia. The view was good if you didn't look to your left when facing out to sea!

Still, not to be thwarted we headed for the beach, wandered about 200m along the shoreline, collecting shells and then we were surprised to be stopped by a security guard from the Four Seasons hotel telling us we could venture no further along the beach as it was only for the use of the guests of the hotel! This was doubly annoying as the beach was completely empty!!

So, off we went denied our beach time but looking forward to ascending the highest peak on the island. This was the highlight of our day as whilst the views were not the best, we managed to spot the shy but adorable white face monkeys in amongst the jungle foliage, it more than made up for the disappointments earlier in the day.

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