Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Venice environs

Day 14 and we continued our journey destination just outside Venice. We stopped en route at Castel Franco, a smallish town with not a lot going on to be honest but it served a purpose in that we could stretch our legs before continuing our journey.

On arrival at our campsite "Camping Serrinisima" we pitched up and we were pleased to find reliable and fast Internet! We had to sit outside the cafe/bar to access it but hey, some hardship!  The campsite was one of our favourites as it was very peaceful set amongst trees but, pitches were also light and large. We were lucky to find this one as we had not planned to stop here. There was a shuttle bus into Venice available from the site but, as we have had the good fortune to visit twice before we decided to have some downtime at the campsite. We needed to plan our onward route which was to take us into Croatia and, we hoped to use the fast Internet to catch up on emails etc.

Our first night was disrupted by ants!! Unbeknown to us we had parked up on an ants nest and the little blighters had found there way into our camper via the electricity lead and under the wheel arch! So armed with a torch and some spray we set about removing the little fellas! We had a fitful nights sleep as we kept getting ants in our bed!! Not a pleasant night.

Next morning we moved  pitch and gave the camper the once over being sure to rid any stray ants! Thankfully, we did not have a repeat performance and slept well the next night after a day of catching up with emails, diary entries and work stuff!

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