Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our neighbourhood.

The apartment we are renting is situated just two blocks from the beach and within walking distance to local restaurants, grocery stores and juice bars! We were also delighted to find that DAC the organic fruit and veg market and the cafe attached to it are only an easy 10 minute stroll from the apartment.

Eager to explore the local area we headed out for breakfast at La Ceiba 30, the cafe attached to DAC.
We enjoyed our first Heuvos Rancheros with a huge glass of freshly squeezed juice. A repeat visit is likely!

The local streets in and around our apartment are a mix of presentable buildings and some rather ugly and delapitated ones. There is mess and rubbish in parts and there are clean and tidy areas.
There are hole in the wall type eateries and some smarter establishments. There are backpacker hostels and modern hotels alongside local residential homes. The area has a relaxed vibe to it and although there is traffic on the main thorough fare and plenty of locals and tourists alike, it doesn't feel overcrowded or unsafe and does not suffer from excessive noise during the day or at night.

Mexico is a whole new experience for us and we are a little out of our comfort zone. That said, so far the experience has been positive and we are relishing finding out more about the area and the local culture and customs. The locals, we have discovered already, are very warm and friendly.

DAC deserves a whole new post of it's own but that is probably due to our passion for organic produce and markets in general. We have noticed that there is a refreshing abundance of colour everywhere here not only in the painted homes of the locals and the clothing but also the vast array of fruit and vegetables. DAC is no exception. The produce is first rate and the presentation gets the thumbs up from us. 

Another real find has been the local juice bars where you can purchase all manner of juices for the princely sum of £1.50 for a litre of freshly squeezed juice. Heaven! 

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  1. We have always found Mexico to be a colorful place too, although sometimes a bit Christmas-y given the abundance of green and red on the flag. :)
    Your pictures of the market make our mouths water, especially the nopales (which makes a great salad) and the agua frescas - do they have horchata there? If so, you must try it. It's made of rice and cinnamon.