Saturday, January 11, 2014

Go West!

So after a fabulous stay in Nice and some last minute changes to our travel plans we returned to the UK for an overnight stop near London Gatwick airport in preparation for our flight out to Cancun, Mexico the next day.

This trip we flew Virgin Atlantic and the flight was great. Smooth all the way and we arrived an hour ahead of schedule! Sailed through Customs and found our driver who took us the short ride from the airport to our overnight accommodation in Downtown Cancun. (Mallorca Hotel & Suites).

Local time was just after 7pm but we were pretty tired as it was 1am to us so we wasted no time getting into bed and slept reasonably well until 7 the next morning!

We had decided to take the local bus to Playa del Carmen which is to be our base for the next few weeks. First off though we headed out for breakfast to a place recommended in reviews on Tripadvisor.
100% Natural. We were not disappointed. We had pastries and a platter of seasonal fruits together with several cups of delicious coffee. Well and truly stuffed we made our way to the bus depot which was an easy stroll from the cafe.

We had read that the ADO bus services in the Yucatan were excellent and we found this to be true.
Buses to Playa del Carmen run frequently and the journey takes around an hour. Cost is 58 Mexican Pesos which in GBP is about £3! The buses are air conditioned, have reclining seats, on board loos and show a dubbed film!

We were delighted with journey so far. The only thing we had not expected was the rain! It poured down for most of the morning but luckily we were on the bus and in the cafe for the most of the time. On arrival in Playa the rains eased and we were able to walk to the apartment we are renting without getting too wet! En route we stopped at a pavement cafe (La Vagabunda), for a lunch of vegetarian fajita, rice, tortilla chips and a couple of ice cold Coronas! We felt like we had finally arrived!

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  1. Great to know about the buses! We'll have try those next time.
    Mexican food is one of our absolute favorite cuisines and it sounds like you have wasted no time in eating like a local! :) Please enjoy chilaquiles for us if you get the chance. Oh and feel free to drink another Corona for Mindy and a margarita with salt for me. :)