Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beach bums!

The weekend saw us mainly at the beach or at the pool. The weather has been glorious, warm but not too hot to explore. At the beach there is a very pleasant breeze which is very welcome.
The beach is simply quite beautiful. The sand is like powder and the sea a stunning turquoise/green colour. This is our first visit to the Mexican Carribean and the colours and vast swathes of soft sand have been a delight to discover.

We have yet to snorkel and explore the underwater life but we have seen plenty of sea birds including brown pelicans and on our walk along the beach on Sunday we also spied an Iguana!

The beach walk we did took us a couple of hours as we headed north away from the crowds and to an area north of Playa where the locals enjoy relaxing and swimming at weekends. 

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