Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great Ocean Road Trip - Geelong to Apollo Bay

After a reasonably comfortable first night in our camper we packed up our things and headed into Geelong where we spent a couple of hours exploring the town and sea front. Geelong foreshore is home to 111 personalised bollards by artist, Jan Mitchell, all painted in the guise of local personalities.

We left Geelong mid-morning making our way to our next overnight stop at Apollo Bay. En route we stopped off at several surfer beaches (although the seas were calm and only a few optimistic surfers were out in the water).

We snapped away happily at the rugged coastline and wide expanses of beach

stopping for lunch at Airey's Inlet, a lovely spot where had a picnic

 and then stretched our legs with a hike up to Split Point Lighthouse and where we enjoyed panoramic views of the coastline.
 One of the joys (for us) of having the camper aside from the freedom of the open road was the many opportunities to just park up and have a cuppa whilst enjoying fabulous scenery! This happened numerous times throughout the GOR trip and will be a lasting memory of the experience for us.

After lunch we picked up the GOR proper and followed the winding road for most of the afternoon. Parts were bumpy and narrow but always the views were breathtaking.

Our progress was hampered a little towards the end of the day whilst we stopped for firefighters who were undertaking a "controlled burn". A few kilometres of clouds of smoke and out the other side we arrived at our base for the next two nights, Apollo Bay.

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