Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ude Walawe National Park

Friday 11/03/16

After a good nights sleep we had a late(ish) breakfast of fruit juice (pineapple), toast and home made jam, pancakes and honey and coffee. We were due to be picked up at 1.30 for our afternoon safari so we spent the morning reading and swimming in the pool. At 1.30 our driver arrived with the jeep and we set off for Ude Walawe. It took about 1.5hrs to get there and we were at the park until dusk at nearly 6pm. It was without doubt a wonderful one off experience. We were incredibly lucky and got to see young male elephants (18-20yrs) an older boy of around 60 yrs and some other fantastic wildlife including mongoose, spotted deer, water buffalo and their calves, crocodiles, peacocks and pea hens and so many beautiful birds. As the sun began to set the smells and sounds in the park were amazing, wild thyme and sage filled the air as our jeep brushed passed the verges along the dusty tracks and the bird chatter was so loud it was almost deafening!
Back at the B & B we showed off the dust from the jeep ride and enjoyed another dinner on our balcony before collapsing into bed for an early night after what had been a truly special day and one we will never forget.

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