Sunday, March 20, 2016


Wednesday 16/03/16

Moving on today further south to the beach at Mirissa. We had a good journey from Tangalle with a private driver. En route we saw the famous fishermen on stilts but as they usually do this early in the meaning and later in the day the guys we saw were most likely only posing for tourists especially as we were asked for money after we took our photos! 

We arrived early afternoon met our hosts unpacked and headed for the beach. Mirissa is billed as one of the lesser developed coves and whilst it still is very pretty there is development all around with lots of guest houses being built and whale watching tours around every corner! For us the place was spoiled by the attitude of the locals who clearly are only after as many £'s they can get which was a shame as it is the first time we encountered this during our travels around the island and it did leave a bad taste. We spent the afternoon people watching and in the evening had one of the worst meals so bad in fact we didn't touch it and left without paying!

Mirissa does have a lovely stretch of beach which we were happy to enjoy for an afternoon. We think we were spilt with our beach stay at Tangalle.

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