Friday, August 14, 2015

22015 Road Trip - France - Part 4

After a long weekend looking after a lovely doberman and catching up with old friends in L'isle en Dodon we began our journey north, headed for Calais and our return ferry crossing.

We had a couple of days to make the journey so we could take our time and decided to visit Monets Gardens in Giverney on the return trip.

We stayed at a lovely vineyard (Chateau Boujac), just outside of Toulouse and another great freebie before making the long drive up to Giverney. We left just after 7am and arrived just before 5pm.
To stretch our legs and get some fresh air we had a little cycle around the local village (Vernon), near to where we were staying. We were at the Chateau Boafles campsite which was very quiet and clean and sits next to the Seine.

The following day we made the hour drive to Monets Gardens where we were lucky to have fine weather to enjoy the gardens and the house. It is much smaller than we imagined but this does not detract from its beauty.

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