Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UAE to Malaysia.

After our brief and busy stay in the UAE we took a connecting flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur.
Aside from a few bumps over the Bay of Bengal our flight was pleasant and we arrived on schedule.
As our flight got in at 9:30pm local time we opted to stay at an airport hotel to save having to travel across town to our accommodation in the evening. We stayed at one of the TUNE hotels and it was perfect for our overnight stay.
Next day we made our way to the Bukit Bintang Region of Downtown KL where we had pre booked two nights at an AirBnB place. The public transport of bus and taxi from the airport terminal was clean, efficient and cheap!
On arrival at our hosts home we were pleased to find it was a comfy place to stay with all the facilities we needed and some including a pool! Our hosts were kind and generous and our stay with them was the perfect way to begin our travels in Malaysia. 
City Gardens - the condo building where we stayed.
 And the view

We unpacked and then went out to explore. The location of our accommodation was very central so we could pretty much walk to everywhere we wanted to see. We headed to the local neighbourhood which was very busy with traffic and especially mopeds and motorbikes as it was rush hour!
We found a lovely vegetarian place to eat called Water Lily where we enjoyed some Chinese food for a very cheap price!
We were not late to bed as the traveling and time differences was starting to catch up with us, however after a nights sleep and a delicious breakfast we headed out first thing the next day to explore the colonial quarter of KL, Chinatown and the markets. It was overcast but very humid so we took our time and drank plenty of water! 
First stop was Merdeka Square which was a fine mix of colonial, modern and Malaysian architecture.

We didn't venture out to the famous Petronas Towers but we did catch a glimpse of them....

Chinatown and the market were also vibrant places to visit and we also managed to squeeze in a cup of herbal tea at The Old China Cafe, a restored shophouse.

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