Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 - A New Year and new destinations! Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Our travels this year kicked off with a few days in the Middle East. Headed for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we decided to break up the 14 hour flight with a brief stopover in Dubai. Friends of ours have recently relocated to Abu Dhabi so we took the opportunity to visit them whilst we were in the UAE.

We took the National Express coach service from Bristol and spent the night at our preferred B & B (Trumbles), before catching our Emirates flight the next day. Our first time using the Emirates service and we were impressed, especially with the quality of the onboard entertainment and food.
Due to bad weather in Dubai our flight was an hour late leaving London but this time was made up en route. However, owing to some electrical storms over Dubai when we arrived our plane and a number of others was forced into a holding pattern for almost two hours before we could safely land! This delay meant that we did not get to our overnight accommodation until 4am local time!

We slept fitfully and after a cuppa checked out of the hotel to catch the free shuttle offered by Emirates for our journey to Abu Dhabi. After coffee and pastries in Costa Coffee (!) we were feeling a little more awake and the hour and 3/4 journey passed in no time getting us to AD for just after 4.30pm.
Our friend was there to meet us and we then spent the evening catching up over a supper of Chinese and champers!! 

The next day we explored our friend's local neighbourhood and had a lovely lunch before heading back to Dubai on the return shuttle. Time was limited so we didn't get to explore Dubai on this visit but we will be back in April and hope to spend some time visiting the town and surrounds. We did see the skyscrapers and skyline though and the amazing airport hub!

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