Friday, January 31, 2014

Akumal Bay and Yal-Ku Lagoon

Home to brightly coloured fish and a highlight in the region is Yal-Ku lagoon.
Akumal bay is famous for it's beach and the opportunity to snorkel in shallow and calm waters with the added bonus of the chance to see turtles.
We made an early start hoping to arrive at the lagoon before the crowds. 
As recommended we got a ride on the local collectivo, a small bus which provides transport from PDC as far as Tulum with stop offs along the highway including Akumal and at a very reasonable price.

On arrival at the lagoon we hired our snorkelling equipment and made our way to the lagoon. It was a very warm day so perfect for getting in and out of the water. 

The lagoon and the setting is really quite lovely and perfect for us as, whilst Della has snorkelled before at the Great Barrier Reef we are both novices. 

Once in the clear, green/turquoise waters of the lagoon we started to snorkel and immediately saw some very pretty fish. We were impressed at the numbers and different types. Unfortunately, our knowledge of fish is limited but suffice it to say the ones we saw were of all shapes and sizes and all with stunning markings and colours. 

We spent about an hour or so simply floating and enjoying the unique underwater views.

When we were done we walked a short distance to Half Moon Bay where we found the Bueno Vida, a super place where you can get something to eat and drink with a setting directly on the beach and with fabulous views of the Mexcian Carribean. We ordered vegetarian quesadillas and chilled Coronas. It was perfecto!

After lunch we continued to walk for another 15 mins or so until we arrived at Akumal Bay. We were happy to crash on the beach and watch others snorkelling in the bay but we plan to return and snorkel in the sea with the hope that we will get to see some turtles!

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