Tuesday, June 25, 2013

US Road Trip - Florida to Nevada - April/May 2013 - Fifth and final part!

Some 2500 miles, 10 states, numerous time changes (all in our favour!), and some fascinating and memorable experiences later we arrived at our final destination, Las Vegas, Nevada.

We had some pre conceived ideas about Vegas and, as we are not really city folk or glitzy gambling types(!) we were unsure about how we would feel about our time in Las Vegas. To be honest, it was pretty much as we expected.

We could not fail to be impressed by the size and attention to detail of the various hotels along the strip and we are so glad we had the opportunity to experience Vegas in all its glory.

We were lucky enough to go to three live performances whilst we were in town. The first was an epic performance by Elton John no less, at the Colisseum Theatre in Ceasars Palace. The second was a more intimate setting and was a first class show "Menopause the Musical"

The final and most impressive was a spectacular concert by Shania Twain!! We saw Shania on our last night in Vegas and had one of our best meals at the Paris hotel, sat outside on the terrace in the balmy evening air as the fountains danced at the Bellagio against the track "Time to say goodbye" - it was time to say goodbye to all things unique to Vegas as we had come to the end of a really special  trip and one we will never forget.

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