Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Reggie!

So, we have had a few false starts but Summer finally made an appearance this week!! We actually had the opportunity to breakfast and lunch al fresco on several occasions during the past two weeks and even managed a picnic!

We love to be outdoors and to be outside whilst enjoying some warm sunshine is good for our souls.

For some time now we have considered getting a camper van. We want to explore much more of Europe and we really fancy the idea and the freedom travelling by camper provides. Whilst we have talked about his it wasn't part of our immediate plans but, as is often the case, we happened upon an advert with photos of just the kind of camper we were looking to buy at some point and as it was fairly local we decided to head off for a look. We were seduced from the off! It ticked all our boxes.

As a result, we are now the proud owners of a VW Westfalia a.k.a Reggie,  and we are looking forward to yet more adventures!

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