Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Age? It's just a number...

Hard though it may be to believe(!) I (Tracy), am now in my 50th year and I will celebrate my 50th birthday on 1st January 2014. There is nothing like a fast approaching half century to focus the mind!!

Other "big" birthdays have come and gone with little fanfare or concern. When I reached 40 it did not feel like a particularly momentus event and neither did I have any sort of mid life crisis. We saved that until we were 42!!

I don't think I am vain about getting older although one can't help but notice the physical changes and signs associated with the natural ageing process. Some are easier to ignore than others! That aside, marking my 50th year on this Earth seems increasingly important and an occasion to be celebrated more significantly than other birthdays. I am not sure why this is. I know that to me 50 sounds like a big number! A grown up number! I am also aware that I have lived more years than there are left to live (unless of course I make it to a 100!). I think it is this last point that has me preoccupied with my age, what I have done with my life and what else I would still like to do.

There is no denying we have a blessed life. I certainly have absolutely no regrets. As I approach my fifth decade and for however many birthdays i will be lucky enough to enjoy in the future, more than ever I want to make a difference and I want that difference to be a positive one.

From this starting point I decided just after my 49th birthday that for the 50 weeks leading up to my 50th birthday I would try and do something each week to help others in some shape or form.

The good news is that 13 weeks in and I have not exhausted the ideas in fact, opportunities present themselves most days! So here's to the next 37 random acts of kindness and, many more beyond that, birthdays permitting!

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