Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catch Up. January - March 2013

For one reason and another it's been a while since we blogged. We always intend to make an entry at least once a week  but life seems to get in the way! We resolved to make a better effort in 2013 and as we are now into March you can see how well that's going! Part of the problem is that we spend a considerable amount of time using our laptops and Ipad in our every day work and also for research so often, when we think about blogging we can't face another hour or more at the keyboard! The problem is compounded when we fall behind with our entries. We always wanted to keep a blog primarily as a record of our trips and travels and this remains the case. We just need to find the right balance otherwise maintaining our blog becomes a chore and that is not the idea. We want to enjoy writing it and we want our followers to enjoy reading it!

So without further ado, the past few months have been busy work-wise, all good. We have been travelling between the UK and France on a regular basis. We had hoped to secure a base in France and we found a lovely little house near Toulouse but, unfortunately that has not worked out. Still, we are happy to continue with our nomadic lifestyle and the prospect of travelling extensively in 2013 is now looking increasingly likely! Watch this space!

In November we spent several weeks in Carcassonne where the weather was mixed but we managed some lovely walks amongst the vines on clearer days. 

December saw us back in the UK with an assignment in Wales. Christmas was spent in the Cotswolds and we had high hopes of a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings. Alas, we were both struck down with a rather nasty flu bug and spent Christmas Day dosed up with Lemsip and throat lozenges!!

We had a sedate start to the New Year but managed a weekend trip to London where we were lucky enough to see "Cabaret" at The Savoy Theatre! 

On the 8th January we flew to Nice for a 3-week stint in Vence, in the Hills of the Alpes-Maritimes department in the Provence-Cotes d'Azur region of southeastern France between Nice and Antibes.

We had simply the best time. Spring-like weather conditions made for excellent hiking weather.

We visited several hilltop villages including; St Paul de Vence, Tourrettes-sur-Loup, Gourdon and Biot. 

St Paul Vence

 A beautiful day was spent in nearby Menton where we enjoyed the Italian influence and snacked on some delicious mozzarella and tomato drizzled with basil and olive oil in crusty baguettes. 


We managed a visit to Antibes and our favourite vegetarian restaurant in the old town. 
 Our final day was spent hiking around Cap Ferrat, a truly beautiful location and a fitting end to our stay.

A brief trip home towards the end of January when we decluttered(!) and sorted our belongings with most of our things finding new homes via the local charity shops and Ebay! 

Avec les filles!
A lovely evening was spent with old school mates, reminiscing and having a good laugh. then it was time to head back to France for another 3-week gig in Carcassonne.

We were together for the first week of the assignment and to be honest just had some downtime before we spent time apart with Tracy in the Cotswolds and Della staying on in Carcassonne. The vagaries of winter in the Northern hemisphere have kept us from venturing out and about too much with frequent cool and wet weather and some wintry conditions including serious snowfall!


As February drew to a close we were reunited in Geneva. We explored a little, rested a while, and took in the atmosphere from a table at (several!)  local Tea Rooms. Content to simply be.

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