Friday, August 10, 2012

Tour de France 2012!

Strange as it might sound, we did not set out to see the Tour de France and in fact, chose our route to avoid the villages the cyclists would be passing though. Two reasons for this, firstly I (Tracy), have been lucky enough to  see the Tour de France previously and secondly, with most of the main roads blocked off for the best part of the day we wanted to visit the tourist sites without having our journey delayed. Well, best laid plans and all that!

As it turned out we got to see everything we planned in the morning and arrived at the village of Puivert around lunchtime. We noticed a lot of parked cars and more people around than you would usually expect especially at 12 noon in France! Anyhow, it appeared that the small road had barricaded as the Tour was passing through in around 20 minutes!!! We couldn't believe our luck! We happened upon this location by chance and, rather than having to wait for hours (as is usually the case), here we were with front row "seats" and in no time at all the guys sped through  to lots of cheering and waving. It was all too fast to even catch a glimpse of Bradley Wiggins and the photos were of the point and hope variety! We hope though that we captured some of the fun - it really was quite exciting and we were pleased that our plans to avoid the race had been scuppered!

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