Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Robe, South Australia

A damp and decidedly chilly start to the day. We took a last look at Blue Lake, the volcanic crater near to the site we had stayed at overnight nd then begn our sixth day on the road.

Today we had a relatively short drive to the small town of Robe which wood be our next overnight stop and also served to break up the longer stint planned for the next day when we made our way to Port Elliot. We arrived in Robe early afternoon and we were grateful that the sun was shining again and it was much warmer than the past couple of days. We found Robe to be a very pretty little town, full of heritage buildings and with great views of the ocean.

We parked up at a spot with a view of the sea and watched a wedding take place on the beach front! After lunch we found our campsite and having parked at our pitch we went for a lovely walk along the coastline enjoying the warm sunshine and the spectacular views. We had heard that thre was a decent fish & chip shop here so we went in search of it later that day, we got ourselves a fish and chip supper and sat in the camper once again admiring the panoramic views.

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