Thursday, July 14, 2016

Walking the dog and lazy days.

The bulk of our time in DC was spent exploring new places and revisiting familiar ones in between days spent playing with the pup and reading.

Our last full day in town we walked to the Lincoln Memorial statue and returned via the streets of downtown admiring the architecture of the buildings and enjoying the afternoon sunshine. It seemed all too soon our time stateside had come to an end and we were sorry to say goodbye to dear Pixel but hope to look after him again in the not too distant future. 

We had time to pack up and clean before our Uber cab took us back to Dulles airport for our UK bound transatlantic overnight flight. We ate supper at the airport, good old reliable pizza(!) and hoped to be away on time as the flight details showed the aircraft was ready for us to board and to head to the gate which suggested we were on course for a scheduled departure. However, a local storm and a tornado warning minutes before take off meant that we our departure was delayed for over an hour. Since we were already on board there was nothing to do save watch a film until we finally took off. 
The rest of the flight was thankfully uneventful. 😊

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