Friday, July 15, 2016

Granada Day 2 - The Alhambra

Whilst we knew little about  Granada we had obviously heard of the Alhambra and it was somewhere we definitely wanted to visit during our brief stay. We did a little research and purchased our tickets online a few weeks before we left the UK. We had read that queues form early in the day and we also wanted to take advantage of a guided tour and we were so pleased we had bought our tickets in advance as when we arrived at the Palaces just after 9am there was already a queue of at least 100 people waiting to purchase tickets.

The Alhambra sits atop a high hill with commanding views of the surrounding countryside and Granada below. From the town itself looking up at the Alhambra it looks impressive not to mention the fabulous views of the palaces from viewpoints in and around town. We also liked the view of the palaces later at night when the building were all illuminated.

Back to the tour though and suffice to say, it was a great tour and one we are so pleased to have experienced. We learned a little more about the Catholic monarchs and the history of the Muslim occupation of the palaces. The architecture, grounds, gardens and views were spectacular and well worth the extra pesos to have a guide. The tour lasted for just over two and a half hours and that was about right for us. Our photos do not really do it justice and we took almost 200!!!

Walking up to the Alhambra

View of the town on the the way up

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