Friday, May 27, 2016

La Digue - Day 2

Sunday 17th April

Woke early doors and had a cuppa in bed before breakfast on the balcony. Bikes were delivered last night so we headed out to explore. 

The weather was very warm again but there was a lovely sea breeze and plenty of shade along the "roads". We cycled the west coast and along to the beach at Source d'Argent reputedly the No 1 beach in the world! It is quite stunning. 

We spent a very pleasant hour or so just enjoying the view.

 We also visited an old plantation estate where there were various buildings in different states of repair, the old plantation house itself currently being restored, vanilla plantation 

and some giant Aldabra tortoise!

After exploring we had a lovely lunch at an Italian restaurant just up from the beach.

We cycled back and read and had a siesta before venturing our again to watch the sun set at our local beach. It is all go in paradise!

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