Friday, May 27, 2016

Final day on La Digue

We waved goodbye to our trusty bikes and opted to walk our last day on the island. Mainly because we planned to head to the highest point, and cycling would be impossible for us light weights!
After a tropical downpour first thing, we headed out and it took us around 2 hours to reach the top. 

Unfortunately, the view was not the best thanks to the storm and humidity but it was interesting to see and explore on foot and the fresh juice at the cafe at the top of the climb was much appreciated!

We retuned the same way and en route spotted a very large and beautiful snail! No doubt brought out by the earlier downpour.

We had a rest back at the villa before venturing out for a pre dinner stroll along the last stretch of the island we had yet to explore - we saw a giant centipede 

and more lovely coastline, it was quiet and pleasant but the weather at sea had turned rough and we were hoping that it would calm down before our sailing in the morning....

After our wander we stopped at a recommended fish restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious supper before heading back to pack.

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