Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wilpattu National Park

LFriday 26/02/16

Today, in contrast to yesterday, we were up at 4am ready to leave at 5am for our first ever safari!
We headed to Wilpattu National Park where we hoped to see elephants, birds and, if we were really lucky, leopards! We arrived at the park as the gates opened and as the sun rose. The noise of the birds was deafening! The change from dark to light almost instantaneous. We located our jeep and guide and we were off! The next five hours were the highlight of our week so far. We didn't get to see any elephants or leopards but we did see fresh leopard footprints and elephant dung! We enjoyed some stunning scenery and got to see lots of bird life and wildlife including wart hogs, deer, crocs, buffalo, foxes, mongoose, chipmunks and iguanas. The ride was bumpy at times and we did feel windswept at the end of our five hour adventure but it was so much fun we can't wait for the next one!

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