Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tea plantations

Thursday 03/03/16

We realised how chilly it gets here in the hills when we took a hot water bottle to bed! The temperature must have dropped at least 15 degrees and it was quite a shock to the system after several weeks of hot weather.

In the morning we had another feast for breakfast (Western) which consisted of fried eggs, toast and jams, fruit and tea. We arranged a three wheeler to pick us up and headed to the Mackwood tea estate to learn about the tea making process. The scenery all around is green and lush and the hillsides covered with tea bushes which reminded us a little if the vineyards in Europe.

We had a very interesting tour of the tea factory and learned about the process from leaf picking to end product. Afterwards we enjoyed a complimentary cuppa!

In the afternoon we had a stroll around the local lake and explored downtown with its colonial buildings and parks.

Dinner was even better than the previous night, again a variety of curries which included; baby jackfruit (a tasty meat-like fruit), green beans, yellow fin tuna curry, Dahl and cabbage with boiled rice and small bite size popadoms. Dessert was creamy buffalo curd and palm syrup. Delicious!

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