Monday, February 9, 2015

Island Drive

We decided to hire a car to do a circuit of the island and especially to visit one of the many fishing villages dotted around the island. Our new friends from Tasmania were also able to join us for the trip.

We had read that the temple Kek Lok Si was worthy of a visit, being the largest and most celebrated Buddhist temple in Malaysia so this was our first port of call. We were not disappointed. The colours are amazing and as Chinese New Year is in February the many lanterns which had been hung throughout only added to the real beauty of the temple.

We spent some time here and then took the small funicular train to the statue at the top of the temple where the views of the city were breathtaking.

When we were done at the temple we made our way south to the fishing village at Tuluk Kumbar where we also found a delightful Thai restaurant. We opted to stop here where we all enjoyed a scrummy lunch in a peaceful, beachside setting.

After our lunch we then continued north where the roads are lined with lush vegetation. A brief stop at some roadside stalls selling all manner of goods including all sorts of colourful tropical fruits and also at a Batik factory before ending our drive at a secluded cove not far from our temporary home. 

A lovely end to a lovely day.

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